Now Launching…

We are now launching GOLDEN RECORDS ONLINE, an interactive records keeping system that we hope will make it easier for you all to “track and trace” your shooting progress. Golden Records Online places control of your scores in your hands.

You can submit your scores online, track your performance and see your personal bests, current handicaps and current classifications.

We hope you all enjoy using this, we really think you will benefit from having easy access to your personal scores and records. It’s totally optional though, and scores can still be submitted through the clubhouse clipboard as they always have.

Golden Records Online can also manage club memberships. In your account you can see your membership status. Dee, our Membership Secretary will be using the system in future for renewals.

You will soon be receiving an email with more details, followed by an activation email. As soon as you are registered, why not use the time before we can shoot again to have a play.

Explore the website and your own personal records ready to use once we are back in the field. Many thanks to Peter, Dee and Mike for setting this up, it’s going to revolutionise the way we submit scores!

Golden Records