The FITA Beginner Awards are designed to motivate and reward beginner archers, offering badges and certificates at an achievable standard. The awards are broken down into two categories.

FITA Feathers

FITA Feathers in red and gold are for young and special needs beginners.

FITA Feather award badges

FITA Arrows

FITA Arrows beginning with white through to gold for everyone else. Once a beginner has gained the first award (white), they can develop at their own pace to the top award (gold). Archers need the co-operation of their teachers/coaches in this program to prepare and assess them.

FITA Arrows award badges

When are badge assessments?

Friday at 7pm

You can only be assessed for badges on Friday evenings and these are shot indoors, with the exception of the gold badge. Gold is assessed outdoors and can be shot whenever someone is available to assess you. Each badge colour is shot on a particular Friday in the month and shooting starts promptly at 7pm. If you wish to be assessed, please be sure you are at the club earlier with your bow setup and you ready to shoot at 7pm. You will not be assessed if you’re late, so please don’t arrive at at 7pm and hope to still shoot. This would prolong the allocated assessment period and we have to be considerate to the other members not being assessed who will be waiting to shoot.
The assessment schedule is as follows:

GOLD Shot outdoors whenever someone is available to assess you. Assessor: Nigel, Phil, Steve or Connie.

RED 1st Friday of the month. Assessor: Nigel.

BLUE 2nd Friday of the month Assessor: Phil.

BLACK 3rd Friday of the month. Assessor: Steve.

WHITE 4th Friday of the month. Assessor: Connie.

If, for example, you miss the opportunity to be assessed for you white badge, you must wait until the 4th Friday the following month.

For months which include a fifth Friday, this will be treated as a regular club night with no badge assessments.

IMPORTANT: Your assessment form must be signed before you begin your assessment. Please don’t bring your assessment form and expect it to be signed before you begin your assessment.

Where can I get assessment forms

Assessment form can be found in the on the wall in the clubhouse. Alternatively you can download and print your own form below.