Adopted 29th January 2014

1. Club Name

1.1 The three clubs shall be called Assheton Bowmen, hereafter referred to as the ‘Club’.

The Senior, Junior & Disabled Clusb, and all their shooting members, shall be affiliated to Archery GB (aka Grand National Archery Society GNAS). (Registration numbers BD 853, 2152 & 2153), and all relevant county and regional associations.

The Club shall be a non-profit making organisation.

The postal address of the Club shall be that of the Secretary.

The Club shall be run on behalf of its members by a duly elected Committee. (See 10.1)

The Club qualifies for Community Amateur Sports Status. (CASC – Registration Number – 00115.)

2. Aims and Objectives

2.1 To offer coaching, participation and competitive opportunities in archery to all members. (See Clause 9).

2.2 To run beginners courses to promote novices into archery, and membership.

2.3 The objects of the Club shall be to promote the enjoyment of archery in all its forms, other than bow-hunting and crossbow shooting, and to be involved in fund-raising for charity.

2.4 To promote archery in the local and wider community.

2.5 To manage our Clubhouse and grounds for the benefit & safe enjoyment of its members, their friends and visitors, and to organise and hold social events as appropriate.

2.6 To maintain a duty of care.

2.7 To provide all its services in a way that is fair to all of the membership.

2.8 To invest such monies of the Club, not required for its immediate objectives, in a savings account or other investment as thought fit by the committee.

3 Dissolution

3.1 Upon Dissolution of the Club, the net assets of the Club will be transferred to another Community Amateur Sports Club (C.A.S.C.) or the Grand National Archery Association as committee see fit, for use in related sport.

4 Restrictions and Limits

4.1 Nothing will be included in this constitution which shall conflict with that of any current or future G.N.A.S. rules.

4.2 The Grand National Archery Society (G.N.A.S.) rules of shooting shall be known and accepted by all members

4.3 All rules and regulations regarding the G.N.A.S. Child Protection Policy must be adhered to.

4.4 In raising funds for its objectives the Club may undertake future trading activities.

5 Meetings

5.1 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on the first Wednesday of December each year using the following agenda, which also will be used for all other General Meetings

  • Apologies for absence.
  • Minutes of last AGM.
  • Matters arising from previous minutes.
  • Chairman’s report.
  • Secretaries report.
  • Treasurer’s report.
  • Records officer’s report.
  • Webmasters Report
  • Beginners Courses Officer report
  • Tournament Organiser report
  • Proposals from members.
  • Election of Committee Members
  • Chairman.
  • Secretary.
  • Treasurer.
  • Four committee members which may include:-
  • Records Officer
  • Tournament Organiser
  • Other officers as deemed necessary
  • Election of auditor for following year.
  • AOB.
  • Date of next AGM.

5.2 Notice of General Meetings will be posted on the website, and the club notice board or mailed to all members giving at least 14 days’ notice of the declared AGM or SGM date.

5.3 Eligible members may submit their name for a committee officer position, but if their election to this office fails they automatically stand for one of the remaining committee membership positions.

5.4 Any member may submit a proposal or item to be discussed at the AGM, in writing to the Chairman, or Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM or SGM.

5.5 All proposals, and agenda, to be posted on the club notice board and website 7 days in advance of the AGM or SGM, To enable the membership to be fully informed in advance.

5.6 Committee Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Club, except in circumstances where a scheduled shoot takes priority.
A minimum of five elected committee members must be present to hold a Committee Meeting.

5.7 Special General Meetings (SGM) may only be requested by a voting member.

5.8 Members wishing to move a proposition designed to either alter or amend the constitution, or any matter which may affect the Club in general, shall submit the said proposal, in writing, to the Chairman or Secretary not less than 14 days before the General Meeting at which they wish it to be discussed.

5.9 Members’ Meetings can be called as and when required by any member as long as there is a minimum of 10 members present, and everyone present in the club at that time is informed of said meeting, which also must include 4 committee members.

5.10 Members Meetings (not Special General) may be called by any voting member allowing 30 minutes notice and the following applies:-

i) 10 members shall form a quorum which will include a minimum of 4 committee members.

ii) All members, both senior and junior, shall have the right to voice their opinions.

iii) Each senior member shall be entitled to one vote. The Chairman shall, if required, be entitled to cast an additional deciding vote.

iv) An SGM may be called either at the request of the committee or by 10 or more members. Not less than 14 days notice shall be given to both Committee and Club members.

v) No member is to be excluded from any Meetings.

vi) All meetings must be minuted and minutes made available for all members to read.

5.11 A Five Minute Meeting may be called by any voting member, with notice to committee, giving five minutes notice, to discuss or resolve any one or more immediate topic(s). The meeting resolution must be advised to the Committee for ratification or rejection. Such Proceedings require minutes, including all in attendance and proposers and seconders.

5.12 Special Meetings (Disciplinary)- where Clause 11.1 applies.

5.13 All official meetings must be held within the Clubhouse where the membership may hear what business is being transacted.

6 Constitution

6.1 The constitution and rules of the Club shall not be altered or amended except at the Annual General Meeting of the Club or at a Special General Meeting.

6.2 The constitution to be displayed on our website, and changes to it updated there as they occur.

7 Child Protection

Child Protection is enshrined in our Child Protection Policy available for inspection upon request, and by the Child Protection Act Regulations and Rules in Section 7 of the Members Handbook

8 Liability and Insurance

8.1 The Club accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to either equipment or personal belongings of members. Membership of the Club does not imply any liability for any loss or injury to members whilst engaged in the Club’s activities. The Club shall not be held responsible for any claim resulting from any damage or injury caused or suffered by any members.

8.2 The Club will hold insurances covering –

8.2.1 Building Facility and Club contents

8.2.2 Public Liability

8.2.3 Coaches liability insurance.

9 Membership

9.1 The Membership shall consist of officers, the committee and members of the Club.

9.2 All members will be subject to Club regulations, constitution, rules and codes of conduct.

9.3 Club members will be deemed to accept all club regulations, constitution, rules and codes of conduct.

9.4 Each paid up Member will be enrolled in one of the following categories for the duration of the club financial year.

  • Full/Senior – Age 18 and over.
  • Associate – Age 18 and over, but meeting Clause 13.4.
    An experienced archer or member of another Club, wishing to apply for Associate membership, must offer proof of their experience either by a current G.N.A.S. card or a letter to this effect from their previous Clubs’ Secretary or coach. (This will be checked.)
  • Junior – Age 17 and under and aged 9 and above .
  • Honorary – As appointed and elected by the committee.
  • Social / Parent/Guardian – An elected friend or Registered Parent/Guardian of a Junior member of the Club, but not being a shooting member.

9.5 Only Full /Senior members will have votes at General Meetings

9.6 Membership of the Club after a beginner’s course will be based on the recommendation(s) of the coach(es) concerned. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to membership of the Club to any individual.

9.7 Completion of a beginner’s course shall not be implied or construed to mean the individuals automatic right to be a member of the Club.

9.8 Membership to the Club shall be open to anyone, including those with a disability, who wish to participate in the sport of archery, providing their disability does not present any danger whatsoever to either themselves or to any other Club member.

9.9 Visiting archers wishing to use the facilities of the Club and/or shooting range must comply with Clause 14.

9.10 Any member may end their membership, at any time, by submitting a letter of resignation to the Secretary, also returning their door key. Only at that time will they no longer be bound by Club Rules and Constitution.

10 Club Officers

10.1 The committee officers are responsible for the day to day management of the Clubs affairs. They are :-

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Records Officer
  • Tournament Organiser
  • Two ordinary committee members.
  • Other officers as deemed necessary

10.2 All officers are elected at the AGM or other General Meeting

10.3 Elected officers are mandated to hold and retain office for one year, after which they must offer themselves for re-election at the AGM or leave office.

10.4 Anyone who has held good and reliable membership at the Club for two years may put forward their name for election to the committee, to the Chairman or Secretary, in writing at least 10 days before the AGM, who will then list this for voting upon at the AGM. Juniors may not serve in any official capacity although they may make known their ideas and comments at all meetings. Nominations will close 7 days before the AGM.

10.5 Only existing Full/Senior members may stand for office following a two year membership.

10.6 Only one member of a marriage, family, or recognised partnership may hold committee office.

10.7 The committee may appoint other officers at any time, as the need arises.

10.8 All committee positions must be held full term to qualify for further committee posts.

11 Discipline and appeals

11.1 If any member is accused of conduct which makes it undesirable that they remain a member of the Club, a special meeting giving all the members not less than 14 days’ notice shall be called, at which the members in attendance will be presented with the facts and asked to vote by secret ballot on what action is to be taken. The member in question will be asked to attend; should they refuse the meeting will go ahead regardless.

11.2 It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that the constitution and rules of the Club are adhered to by all members. Failure by a member to abide by these rules will result in their shooting privileges being withdrawn for no less than 1 month.

11.3 Any appeal against disciplinary action must be presented at the special meeting. (The committee’s decision will remain final)

11.4 The final decision will be notified to the individual in writing by the secretary or chairman.

11.5 When any individual’s membership is revoked they must surrender their Club door key to the Secretary or another member of the Committee.

12 Conflict Resolution

12.1 No matter will be dealt with by the committee that is anonymous. Members wishing to have matters raised and resolved must make an application IN WRITING to the secretary.
The committee’s decision following discussion and/or any necessary meetings will be deemed as FINAL.

13 Membership Application and FITA Award Scheme

13.1 All aspiring members must make an application for membership in writing to the secretary, and complete our application form.

13.2 All aspiring junior members must have their parent or guardian complete the junior application form completing all the details within it, whilst joining themselves.

13.3 New and inexperienced members are required to complete the first three levels of the FITA award scheme, and expected to complete all five levels. This is mandatory for beginners joining the club, and the responsibility of the senior coach for the qualification of these new archers.

13.4 Qualification for a clubhouse key:-
All new members must have completed subsection 13.3 and must attend the Club for a minimum of 20 visits. These visits must be on official Club shooting days. After this a meeting will be held at which members will be asked to vote on that person’s acceptance. There must be at least 75% of those present in favour. If declined they that member will be informed by letter and the remainder of their subs repaid to them. If accepted as a continuing full member that person will be given a key to the building. Misuse of this privilege may result, at the discretion of the Committee, in the withdrawing of the member’s key.

13.6 Visiting archers may apply for immediate associate or full membership provided they meet the conditions of
Clause 13.1, also providing proof of membership from a previous Club, or having successfully completed a recognised GNAS beginners’ course at another Club or coaching centre.
These new members will still be bound by Clause 13.3 or exempted by providing proof of competency to the coach and committee.

14 Visitors

14.1 Visiting archers wishing to use the facilities of the Club and/or shooting range must be full members of G.N.A.S. or F.I.T.A. and offer proof of this upon request. They must mark “Visitor” by their name in the signing in book. A separate visitors shooting fee of £4:00 shall be payable before commencing to shoot. These shall be enclosed in an envelope, marked with visitor’s name, then placed into the white cash receipts box beside the Gents toilet door. There will be a 6 visit limit allowed.

14.2 Club members may bring a guest to the Club as often as they wish providing the following are adhered to:

  • The guest must sign in with the other members.
  • If the guest is not covered G.N.A.S they will NOT be permitted to shoot

15 Finances and fees due

15.1 The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Club and banking of monies.

15.2 The accounts will be audited by one or two selected members of the Club.
The Treasurer will then present them at the AGM.

15.3 Club membership fees will be set at the AGM.
In event of the finding of an error after audit, these may be altered through an SGM.

15.4 Membership will be displayed in the Clubhouse at the back of the Signing Diary.

15.5 All membership fees must be paid before September 15th. If such fees from existing members become overdue after 1st October then that membership is deemed to have lapsed.

15.6 Any monies owing may be handed, at the earliest opportunity, to the Treasurer, or placed in the envelopes then posted in the treasurers box.

15.7 A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the Club and all cheques and orders withdrawing money from the account shall be signed for by any two of the Treasurer or Secretary, the Chairman, or other elected committee member.

15.8 All monies and sums received on behalf of the Club shall remain the property of the Club and there will be no distribution of such funds amongst members.

15.9 Where individuals experience financial difficulties they may request to meet privately with the committee which will have the absolute discretion to delay payment of monies for a limited time only.

16 Club Financial Year

The timeline of the club’s financial year is:

1 The financial year shall run from October 1st to September 30th.

2. The membership year shall also run from October 1st to September 30th.

3. Books will be closed on 31st October (1 month before the AGM ).

4. The AGM will be held at the beginning of December each year when the Treasurer’s report is delivered.

17 Rules of Junior shooting

17.1 No junior may be allowed to shoot without their Parent or Guardian supervising.

17.2 No junior or new member may be allowed to shoot on the outside range unless they are sanctioned by the coach and have received instruction on the safe handling of field equipment.

17.3 A Junior may attend a beginners course provided they are 9 years or over, their Parent / Guardian must also attend the same course.

17.4 When a Junior joins the club then a Parent or Guardian must also join.

18 Club Rules

18.1 Rule additions or alterations may be adopted by the Committee from time to time in the interest of safety, security and Duty of Care.

18.2 No alteration shall be made to these Rules that would have the effect of putting them into conflict with the rules of GNAS, or of the Regional or County bodies which the Club is affiliated to.

19 Records

The Record Officer will be responsible for the following and in so doing will liaise with the Secretary:-

19.1 The Club shall maintain and publish records of the highest scores shot in each branch of the sport as defined in the GNAS Rules of Shooting, by any person, while that person remains a member of the Club.

19.2 Scores achieved by members shall be forwarded to the Lancashire County Association from time to time as necessary in accordance with their requirements.

19.3 GNAS grades and shooting ratings will be displayed on one of the whiteboards in the lounge, or in an official reference manual available for inspection.
Members’ outdoor shooting grades will similarly be displayed in the Clubhouse as each member progresses through the shooting year. Members’ outdoor shooting grades and ratings restart on 1st January each year.

19.4 Members’ indoor shooting grades will similarly be displayed in the Clubhouse as each member progresses through the shooting year. Members’ indoor shooting grades and ratings restart on 1st July to 30th June the following year.

20 Notices, registers and diaries

The following are available to all members, within the Clubhouse, to inspect at any time:-

20.1 Signing Diary – just inside the front door.

20.2 Minutes of all meetings – in the grey “Minutes” binder beside the PC in the lounge.

20.3 Indoor and outdoor records, Accreditations & cuttings, Classification tables – in binders filed under the TV.

20.4 Various archery magazines & videos – also under the TV.

20.5 GNAS Rules of Shooting.

20.6 An Accident / Incident Record Book.

21 Equity Policy

21.1 All members must behave in an impartial, civil and fair manner towards all other members.

21.2 All members should accord courtesy and encouragement to all other members.

21.3 No member, or group of members, must exhibit any aggression, antagonism or vindictiveness to any other member.

21.4 No member must spread or engage in uttering any potentially or actual slanderous, malicious comments, rumours, or lies regarding another member.

21.5 Communication between all members, and with the Committee, is a cornerstone of the Club’s wellbeing and activities to enhance the enjoyment of Club activities by all.

21.6 No one may be obstructive, disruptive, act unsafely, or deliberately hinder general club activities.

21.7 Any member found to be in breach of these Equity principles will be subject to disciplinary procedures as defined by Clause 11.

21.8 The Club ensure the principles of Natural Justice will be followed.