Assheton BM Indoor Winter League

AB Winter Indoor League Information Sheet


A competitive indoor archery winter alternative to shooting just Portsmouth rounds.

To give archers experience at shooting additional indoor rounds/distances/bow styles.

To form a competitive club winter league.

A none handicap event.

Application, Rules and Restrictions

Open to all Assheton BM club archers, male, female, senior and junior archers.

Open to all bow types, RC, BB, LB & CP

An archer can submit entries for different bow types.

Indoor Winter League to run from 1st November 2019 to 31st March 2020

Rounds to be shot, Bray 1, Fita 18, Portsmouth, Vegas, Worcester.

Rounds can be shot at any time within the stated duration (midweek or weekend).

To accommodate the additional bow styles. For the 2019/20 Winter League, back dated scores for additional bow styles for November and December can be added, please mark your score sheet accordingly.

Rounds can be shot in any order.

Only one bow style per round can be shot per day.

An archer must shoot all 5 different rounds to qualify for the competition.

Only one entry per round. i.e. an additional “better score” for a specific round cannot be entered at a later date.

Scores obtained at other Indoor Club Competitions, Postal Shoot, Indoor Triple, etc. May be entered for the Indoor Winter League Competition though cannot supersede a previously submitted score.

Scores for this event cannot be entered into/ or towards any other indoor events. i.e. Indoor Triple Event or vice versa.

Submitted scores may qualify for Club Record Scores if shot on the appropriate day.

How it works

An archer shoots a round of each of the above indoor rounds.

Score sheets to be marked “Winter League” dated and signed by both the shooter & the scorer.

Score sheets to be pinned to the score sheet clip for recording and verification by the Club Records Officer.

And the winner is!

The scores for each of the 5 rounds are totalled and the archer with the highest overall score / bow type / class at the end of the tournament is the club Indoor Winter League winning archer for that section.

Winners to be announced on the Club Presentation Day.